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Movi from a helicopter for Joel Bartley wake boarding video

Got asked to get involved in wake boarding video with my good friend Simon Thomas at Projekta ( He is a mad keen surfer / wake boarder / snowboarder and put together an idea to shoot this video with Joel Bartley who had just very recently become world champion at the age of 18yrs old. A very big deal which was about to catapult this kid into the stratosphere of world marketing, especially in the USA.

The night before the shoot I had a Movi camera arrive on my doorstep that I very quickly had to get to know as the shoot was the following morning. It would have been great to have someone walk me through it but I got there in the end with balancing & settings and all things Movi.

The idea was to use the Movi from a helicopter as an overhead-tracking camera. I had never used the Movi let alone used it hanging out the door of a chopper before so it was a massive unknown. The camera set up was a 5D and a 80-200mm lens shooting at 50 frames.

We arrived at Wiseman’s Ferry before sunrise. Joel’s home town & wakeboarding playground from a very early age. The day was looking like it was going to be perfect weather wise.

We wasted no time getting Joel in the water with some stylized set up shots of him kitting up and getting on the boat. Then it was off to the chopper. Once we got in the air and I communicated with the pilot where we need to be positioned and got it all fine tuned, thing started to look great. I was very happy with the Movi’s abilities, most of the time shooting around 120-150mm which it handled really well. A couple of times I got too far out of the cabin & the rotor wash grabbed the gyro’s and then I would have to reset them.

We had at least 3 go pros and 2 other 5D’s, one on the ski boat and the other on a tracking boat side on to the action. All getting great footage. Would have been hard to make this kid look bad though, such an immense talent from someone so humble.

The locals treated us to an amazing BBQ lunch in an incredible setting on the banks of the river. After lunch our hosts then insisted we go out for some wakeboarding. Luckily I had come prepared, not with any wakeboarding skills but I did have some boardshorts.

What a great day, thanks to my mate Simon Thomas & Projekta for getting me involved.
Pleasure to be a part of it.

Steve Cahill filming Joel Bartley